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Million of pounds worth of food is dumped every year in the UK, yet a recent article in The Guardian reported that three men are to stand trial soon for taking some tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese from dustbins at the … Continue reading

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So here I am, in a New Year with a broken ankle! Taking a peaceful walk along a cliff, not noticing how muddy the grass was, singing at the blue sky and sunshine, loving life – when all of a sudden, … Continue reading

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Wishing all my followers and readers and everyone alive today a very Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will be peaceful, healthy and full of joy! My resolutions are many and varied – here goes: 1. Think more about nature … Continue reading

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The snot season is upon us. It’s Autumn in the UK and the viruses are on the march. It happens every year. You sail through summer feeling invincible. You might have a bit of Athletes Foot or maybe a blush … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading everywhere that the number of parents who are estranged from their adult children grows bigger every day. Some people explain this as a culture shift, that adult children raised over the past 30 years experienced a different … Continue reading

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My God, what sort of a world are we living in? Coming back from a walk along a country lane, with no pavement,  a car missed killing me and my friend by centimeters. It was driven by a young woman … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning feeling very angry and it worried me. Kicking the cat, or punching my pillow did not seem to be a good solution. Making a pot of coffee and going for a walk might help but … Continue reading

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Has the dear old NHS taken over from Aunty Beeb – the BBC – in our hearts? The BBC, bless them, have blotted their copy book recently and they have a lot of work to do to get back that … Continue reading

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When you are facing death, the way you are treated by those caring for you, both staff and families, is paramount. At birth, there are trained professionals helping you into the world. You will hopefully have been treated with dignity … Continue reading

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It’s hard to feel good about yourself all the time,  although the  TV ads tell you: ‘You’re worth it!’Life events have a way of knocking you sideways and making you feel bad about yourself, even though you may have a strong … Continue reading

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